History: The Family Tradition

WM Bos HistoryWilliam Bos Greenhouse and Farm is in its third generation of producing a wide range of vegetables and plantings. The centennial farm began in 1913 when young Peter Bos purchased the 60-acre property. He constructed the first greenhouse in 1919 in the fertile valley just south of Cascade Road in Cascade Township. Today, the 60,000 square foot greenhouses produce more than 30,000 flats per season, and houses a wide range of hanging baskets and gallon perennials. Nurturing the seeds of enterprise to fruition became a family tradition.

Peter and his wife Pauline also began a family that would grow to number 13 children. William Sr. was born in 1922 at the homestead, and was destined to someday inherit the family farm. The Bos brood pulled together on the farm, learning the value of hard work. But they found time to play as well, at Wolf Lake on vacation or riding ponies on the farm.

Tragedy struck the family in 1931 when the farmhouse burnt to the ground. Family and friends rebuilt the home after a temporary stay in the greenhouse, which was outfitted with stoves. Perhaps the memory of the kind help of neighbors forged in young Bill a love for the Cascade community. He and his bride of six decades, Dorothy, have been known for their benevolent works and contributions around town.

They raised two children, Bill Jr. and Victoria (deceased) on the farm as well as three foster children, Debbie, Laurie and Cheryl. Thank you Bill Sr. and Dorothy for your lifelong dedication to the Cascade community.

In the early days of the operation, Pete and Pauline would farm the 60 acres, harvest the crop, and pack off to the Fulton Street Market, Leonard Street Market and Southend Market every day and would man the stall, helping customers pick the best of their bounty. Pauline became infamous for her sweet corn.

Recently Bill Jr. was able to acquire another parcel in Ionia and expand the Bos legacy to 118 acres. Look for more asparagus, sweet corn, pumpkins and other fall crops to come your way.

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