Your containers always look great. What is your secret?

April 26th, 2013 by Bos Greenhouse

The secret of great containers is partly the quality of planting, the compatibility of the plants, and giving them custom care. We’ll help you get container gardening down to a science at our Spring Container Planting Workshops. You can custom create the look you want for a summer haven populated by great containers and window boxes.

The secret to success in container care is watching your watering pattern. ONLY water a container plant when it is dry or light to touch (lift it, if you can, to tell the weight). When you do water it, make sure to soak it thoroughly so that at least a quarter of the water runs through the container. One pitfall to watch for is that container soil enhanced with vermiculite will sometimes pull away from the sides, tricking you into thinking the water is running through when in fact, the soil itself is not drenched. To remedy this condition, water slowly off and on over several hours to expand the soil.

In addition to carefully customized watering, you will also need to feed your containers for maximum growth and vivid flowering. That’s because proper watering quickly flushes soluble nutrients. A weekly solution of water-soluble house plant food is recommended.

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