I want to plant a Butterfly Garden but don’t know which plants I’ll need.

April 26th, 2013 by Bos Greenhouse

A Butterfly Garden is a beautiful addition to any home and a great pastime for families. But before you begin, you must understand that you cannot use any pesticides on the plants in your butterfly garden, as they are fatal to all stages of butterly development. You also need enough plants to serve as hosts and for nectar to support the butterfly life cycle.

Here are some candidates:

Host plants: Butterfly weed; Daisy; Dill; Holyhock; Lilac; Milkweed; Mallow; Nettle; Snapdragon; Thistle
Nectar plants: Ageratum; Bee Balm; Butterfly bush; Coreopsis; Daylily; Heliotrope; Lilac; Nasturtium; Petunia; Phlox; Salvia; Sedum; Snapdragon; Spirea; Viburnum

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